How-To Setup Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The technology innovations that the vehicle world is currently embracing has dramatic transformative potential. It all began toward the end of the 1970s with car control systems for only the higher end of the luxury car spectrum.

Over the last 30 years, technology has gradually taken on a more prominent role in new car development and innovation. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two examples of this increased technological involvement on a much more sophisticated level. The broad appeal of this ever-growing marriage of technology and combustible engine lies to a great extent in its simplicity, ease of use, and how it drastically improves driver experience.

Take a look at just how simple it is to set up and connect these electronic devices is, and how they can make for your improved driving pleasure.

Easy Set-Up Steps

  1. Connect the USB cable to the Car Play unit.

  2. Refer to the box and locate the code that has the connection website address.

  3. Type this address into the Google Explorer on the Car Play unit and go to the site.

  4. From the website, type in the auto kit code given for your particular unit.

  5. Click on the blue ‘Download’ bar; then, press the ‘Home’ icon on the left.
    Once it is downloaded, your central Car Play unit will post the icon in ‘File Manager.’ Yours may be called ‘File Browser.’

  6. When it opens, you will see a ‘Flash/Download’ top bar. The auto kit you just downloaded is in the list under the ‘Flash/Download’ bar as ‘autokit.apk.’

  7. Touch this file and press ‘Install.’

  8. When the installation is complete, it appears in your app list.

  9. Scroll the list until you find the icon, ‘AutoKit.’

  10. When the ‘AutoKit’ icon displays, you know you can now access it through your phone.

Android Auto

This is a simple plug and play operation from your Android phone or iPhone. Simply plug the cable to the control device into your Android or iPhone.

The AutoKit should automatically load or populate the main Car Play display. If it does not immediately populate, simply touch the AutoKit icon. When it is loaded, you should see ‘CarPlay’ on your phone screen.


For those of you who think all the steps above are just too much to assemble and complete, we have an even better solution.

Let us here at the dealership show you more about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We are sure you will be just as amazed and excited to see it as we are to show it to you.

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