Radars and cameras are the two things that are revolutionizing the way that vehicles drive. They're both at the heart of the "intelligent" car movement we're seeing in today's luxury cars. Lexus has always been at the forefront of luxury, but these days they're at the forefront of the intelligent car movement, using a grille-mounted laser system and an in-car camera unit to give their customers something called Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. The benefits of having a car with this feature is obvious. You're able to relax more during stop and go driving situations because you have a vehicle that is capable of "seeing" the vehicle ahead and maintaining distance.

Using Your Dynamic Cruise Control

Regular cruise control was a revolutionary technology. It has been in vehicles for decades now, but only in 2019 are we seeing radar technology and automatic braking added to the menu of capabilities. When your Lexus radar detects a vehicle in front of you, it’s able to automatically brake to maintain a certain distance between your own vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. The result is that you no longer have to put your foot through a nightmare breaking every two seconds in city driving situations. You use your steering wheel-mounted controls to set the distance you want between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Your Lexus is capable of hard braking or gentle braking, depending on what the situation calls for. Dynamic cruise control makes all driving situations where it's used easier, freeing up your attention for the road ahead, but giving your foot a brake from the pain.

Learn More About Dynamic Cruise Control

Lexus is a premier luxury brand that's internationally known for its technological advances. Dynamic cruise control is both a tech advance and a safety advance, a testament to the way car companies are learning to harness the power of today's camera and computer systems in their vehicles. Cruise control was always a luxury feature, but now it's more advanced than ever, giving your vehicle an intelligent "mind" that can see the road ahead of it and respond with immediate action such as braking. It's not the self-driving vehicle we're all waiting for, but it's going to be one central technology to make the self-driving car a reality. Call us today to learn more about Dynamic Cruise Control by Lexus. We can even set you up with a test drive of the feature.