Lexus Enform


Each year, the technology available in the automotive industry gets more impressive. While you can get features like a touchscreen display and driver-assist safety aids in many vehicles, you can't get Enform without a Lexus. Enform offers state-of-the-art technology and connectivity with seven distinct features. From navigation to connecting you with a live call center for support, this innovative app will make your rides safer and more convenient. If you're not sure the app is something you really need, Lexus offers a trial period so that you can try out the package first before making a final decision.

Lexus is known for its high safety standards. Naturally, safety is an important part of the Enform system, too. The primary safety mechanism in Enform is SafetyConnect, which gives you 24/7 coverage for emergency assistance. This feature is included for up to 10 years. It covers a broad range of scenarios, including offering support if your car is involved in an accident, if your Lexus gets stolen, or if any other urgent mishap occurs when you are on the road. If you get into trouble, SafetyConnect sends support by tracking your vehicle's location through GPS. With just the touch of a button (called the Emergency Assist Button), you can connect with an agent to explain your problem and wait for help to arrive. If you are involved in a collision that deploys the airbags, the SafetyConnect mechanism automatically connects you to a call center.

Service Connect is another valuable feature that monitors your vehicle's health. Through Service Connect, you can keep track of your car's fuel economy, oil condition, engine performance, and more. You'll get alerts when your vehicle needs maintenance or when you have upcoming service appointments. Enform also provides you with vehicle health reports that provide information about your car's performance like engine oil quantity, quality, and the status of your key battery. You can look at reports on your phone, tablet, or desktop for additional convenience.

Remote access is another handy feature of Enform. The remote feature lets you keep tabs on your Lexus, regardless of how far away you are. From afar, you can control the engine, lock or unlock the doors, monitor your vehicle's fuel level, check to see if the windows are up or down, and more. With the remote start feature, you can start or stop the engine and also program the car to either heat or cool the interior. When you turn the car on, the engine can remain running for up to 10 minutes. If you can't remember where you parked, the Enform app can help you find your car by pairing with a mapping system on your car's smartphone. The device also lets you monitor your car's activity if you loan your Lexus to another person. It can tell you, for instance, if another driver has exceeded a preset speed limit, curfew, or mileage. The remote feature can be controlled by your smartwatch, smartphone, and devices that support Amazon Alexa.

If you want safety and peace of mind on the road, Lexus Enform is your solution. With a comprehensive safety system, a service feature that lets you make appointments and monitor your car's vitals, and the ability to access the remote feature through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Integration, there are a variety of benefits to using Lexus's Enform app. Using a compatible smartphone device, it's easy to view the Enform app suite right on your car's dashboard. After the complimentary trial period, you can subscribe to Enform via several plans.

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