Lexus Driving On The Highway  

When you are looking for luxury rides, it pays to know whether the brand is a good buy. In the case of Lexus, it truly is one of the top auto brands. Let's take a look at the value it brings.

Awarded Best Brand for Dependability in 2019

JD Power has declared Lexus as the best brand for dependability. This 2019 award looks at how many problems are reported by real owners. A low score is better. The brand had only 106 points, far less than the average 136. The ES, GX, and RX ranked either first or second in their class.

This ranking is backed up by a 2019 Best Retained Value Award from Edmunds. Lexus earned the luxury award, recognizing the highest projected private-party residual value at the five-year mark. This demonstrates that Lexus vehicles are more likely to earn back a higher percentage of their new-car market value. Kelley Blue Book ranks the 2019 Lexus RX as the best luxury midsize investment.

Value is the third reason that Lexus is a top brand. If you compare prices, you'll find that a Lexus is often a better deal than its counterpart from a different automaker. Lexus simply gives you more features from the outset. You can climb the trim ladder to fancier features and advanced tech, but you don't have to. Your entry-level Lexus is packed with contemporary technology and handsome appointments.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship for Quality Vehicles

A fourth reason is craftsmanship. Lexus vehicles are made to exacting standards. Interiors are shaped by art and ergonomics. Fine materials are used for each element. Today's technologies are integrated into the final design. Cabins feel refined and elegant. In most, spaciousness has been emphasized, giving you more legroom than you would have in a similar vehicle made by a different automaker.

Safety Technologies are a Primary Focus

Advanced safety features are standard in the Lexus family. An advanced lane assist will respond if a warning isn't heeded. This keeps the Lexus in its lane and out of harm's way. Likewise, an auto brake may slow the vehicle if it detects a braking car or pedestrian. This can prevent the most common rear-end collisions, allowing you to simply enjoy the ride.

Lexus also excels at providing a wide variety of choices. There are performance cars, such as the Lexus LC and RC F Track Edition. There are fuel-saving hybrids, sporty crossovers, and big three-row family rides.

When you want dependability, resale values, value, craftsmanship, variety, and advanced safety, Lexus really can deliver. Stop by for a test drive of your favorite.