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There are multiple reasons Lexus stands apart from other automakers in the luxury market. Lexus has earned a name for itself as a leading producer of reliable vehicles that tend to hold their value over a more extended period than other luxury cars. In recognition of its achievements, Lexus has even earned honors and awards in both categories of reliability and resale value. But that's not all Lexus offers. The company is a leader in introducing new technology in its vehicles, and its cars also have some of the most luxurious cabins that you'll find on the road.


One area where Lexus stands out is reliability. In studies, the company's cars are consistently ranked as some of the most reliable in the industry. For an impressive seven years in a row, Lexus has earned the prestigious award of "Most Dependable Vehicle" from J.D. Power and Associates for its cars. Lexus has also earned some of the highest rankings in reliability when compared to all other luxury automakers.

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Luxurious Interiors

Lexus vehicles also stand out for their exceptionally luxurious, comfortable, and refined cabins. When you ride in a Lexus, you'll notice that it has a smooth feel on the road and comfortable seats. No matter which model you get, you can look forward to a car with plush upholstery and high-end touches throughout the cabin, making it even more enjoyable to drive.


As the first automaker to install low-beam LED lights on its vehicles and put an eight-speed automatic transmission in its cars, Lexus shows that it is one of the most innovative brands when adding new technology to its vehicles. Today, you can also get a Lexus vehicle knowing that it will come with the latest features and amenities available on the auto market.

Resale Value

Another area where Lexus excels compared to other cars in its field is resale value. While many vehicles lose their value quickly, Lexus's vehicles tend to retain their value for years. The company has been honored by Kelley Blue Book as having cars with the highest resale value among other vehicles on the road. In 2017, Kelley Blue Book rated the Lexus GS as the most reliable luxury vehicle for that model year. Edmunds has also recognized Lexus for its high resale value.

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