Lexus Electric Vehicles 

LEXUS Electric Vehicles For Sale in Springfield

With the introduction of the RX 400h ten years ago, Lexus was the first automaker to give consumers a luxury vehicle option with an electric powertrain. Lexus still makes a version of the RX today that is based on electric power. However, its electric vehicle lineup has significantly expanded since its foray into the market. Today, you can find several Lexus models available as hybrid vehicles, including several sedans and SUVs.

Which Lexus models are available in electric?

Lexus has a variety of electric sedans and SUVs, including:

  • ES
  • LC
  • LS
  • NX
  • RX
  • UX

If a luxury electric sedan sounds appealing, the ES may be a good option for you. The ES is a striking hybrid vehicle with cutting-edge technology and safety aids. The LS is another electric vehicle. The LS is a five-passenger sedan with plenty of luxury inside and out. The LC is a luxury two-door coupe with a powerful electric motor. The NX is a zippy electric SUV that has an athletic design and the power to match. The RX is a slightly larger SUV that holds up to six people and stands out for its fast and responsive acceleration. The UX completes Lexus's list of electric SUVs. It features class-leading MPG for a hybrid and sophisticated technology in its cabin.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in models?

Unlike hybrids, electric cars don't have gasoline engines. Instead, all of their power comes entirely from electricity. Hybrid and hybrid plug-in vehicles are similar because they can use gasoline, electric power, or both. Hybrids get their energy from a combination of an electric motor and gasoline, while plug-in hybrids use all of their electric power first before switching to gasoline.

How far can Lexus electric models go?

Lexus's electric vehicles have different ranges. At a minimum, the RX gets 30 miles combined. The Lexus NX gets 31 miles combined, and the UX reaches 39 miles combined. The ES hybrid gets class-leading 44 miles combined.

How long does it take to charge an electric Lexus car?

Charging time depends on the outlet that you use. With a 120V power outlet, your car can charge in about 10 hours. With a larger 240V power outlet, your Lexus can fully charge in about eight hours.

Do Lexus electric vehicles have towing capacity?

The Lexus RX can tow. Its towing capabilities are impressive and range from 3,500 to 4,500 pounds.

How can I learn more about Lexus electric vehicles?

If you want to learn more about Lexus's electric cars, contact our dealership for full details or schedule a test drive.