Summer Maintenance Tips  

The summer season is the most popular time to use your vehicle and spend time exploring new locations because of the great weather conditions. Although the skies may be clear, the weather is still warm, which can affect different components of your vehicle. There are a few maintenance tips to follow to ensure the vehicle stays in great shape and allows you to get around without any issues or interruptions. Our dealership in Springfield can help you get the service you need on your set of wheels for the upcoming season.

Check the Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure influences your fuel efficiency, as well as how well the car drives. Check the tire pressure and refill the air to the right level, based on the manufacturer's recommendations. The tread on the tires also needs to be inspected to determine if it's low and offers enough traction. If the tires appear bald, it's time to replace them before you head out on your next trip. Rotating the tires is also essential to keep the tread wearing evenly on all the tires.

Examine the Fluid Levels

Check your car's fluid levels to determine if they're low after they've evaporated from the heat outside. This requires topping off the steering fluid and transmission fluid. It's also necessary to add more wiper fluid to keep the glass clean and transparent as you get around to ensure you can have a better view of the road ahead. The coolant is one of the most important fluids to keep in check during the summer season because it will help your engine stay in good shape and prevent it from overheating as the temperature rise.

Look at the Battery

Test your car battery to learn how much longer it'll last before it dies. Car batteries tend to suffer from issues in hot climates, making it necessary to replace it if it's reaching the end of its lifespan. The battery should be replaced if it's close to three years old.

Change the Oil

The oil that is present in the engine is responsible for lubricating all the parts and keeping the mechanisms operating smoothly. Change the oil to ensure your engine is protected and doesn't have too much wear and tear that develops.

Contact our service department today to schedule your maintenance to ensure you stay safe and avoid mechanical issues as you spend more time traveling this season.