Safe & Sober  

Safe and Sober in Springfield is an organization aimed at preventing tragedies by providing education to middle and high school students. In 2004, Safe and Sober Prom Night in Springfield, Missouri, was founded by trial attorney Kurt Larson. Having seen the destruction caused by drunk drivers and being a father of teenagers himself, his goal is to get through to teenagers before making a mistake they cannot take back.

When it first started, Safe and Sober in Springfield were in five high schools. In the years following, it has expanded to an incredible 506 high schools in Missouri. This means over 170,000 students have benefited from education about the hazards of drugs and alcohol.

Safe and Sober

Safe and Sober is a non-profit organization that provides free education. When they visit a school, they give students the chance to sign a pledge card. The pledge card serves as a commitment to not only themselves but their families and the community. It states that they will stay both safe and sober.

Four guiding principles make up the basis of this program:

  • No one should drink under the age of 21.
  • No one should drink and drive under any circumstances.
  • Alcohol should never be provided to those who are underage.
  • No one should ever use illegal drugs or abuse prescription medications.

After the education, students are empowered to make wise and safe choices for themselves.