Lexus to Develop Manual Transmission for Future Electric Vehicles  

Lexus has recently decided to create a particular manual version of its electric vehicles that are coming up in the future.

Lexus Simulated

The system that they are planning on using is going to use a physical gear shift as well as a tachometer, a third pedal, and some simulated software. This way, you'll be able to get used to all of the sensations of a manual transmission even though you are using an electric vehicle. The approach of the vehicle is a more realistic one. You can even use hill starts for more realism as well if you so choose.

The prototype has three pedals as well as a stick shift and a rev sound simulator. You can even get some simulated sounds that come through your speakers as the gear shifts from one to another in a simulated manual approach. The engineers pushed the idea of the manual transmission simulation. Many of these individuals had been talking about what they hadn't been able to do with electric cars that they had been able to do earlier with combustion cars.

As a result, they wanted to see what they could make the electric car simulate so that you could have the best of both worlds. It makes it so that you can try out the simulated manual gearbox EV. It's a unique idea that you are certainly not going to be able to get anywhere else because only Lexus can do something like this with this innovative idea. The prototype came from the UX 300e. You can watch a test drive of this option through Youtube with some unique footage.

This way, you could potentially try out one of each kind of vehicle, all while allowing yourself to try a bit of the other one as well. This means both electric and combustion engines.

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