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Lexus shocked the world today with the unveiling of the RZ 450e, their very first fully electric vehicle. Using a lithium-ion stabilized battery and a new supercapacitor technology, the RZ 450e will have a top speed of 118 mph - all while going 070 in just 5.0 seconds! Although the battery pack is smaller than most electric vehicles currently on the market, due to its supercapacitor technology, it is capable of much more power (250 amps) for faster acceleration and top speed. Another revolutionary feature is that the RZ 450e has MORE trunk space than it does room for passengers.

The RZ 450e: Lexus Unveils Their First Electric Vehicle is a car that hasn't been tried before. But it isn't much of an electric vehicle either. It's a hybrid, a car that automatically runs on electricity or gasoline, depending on how hard you push the pedal. And it's going to be available in the US starting next year for $50,000.

As you might expect, Lexus says that this thing will go 12 miles on electricity and then switch over to gas. But the number they're quoting is not the distance you can go on electricity alone. They say it's just the distance you can go when you're pushing the pedal, not when the car decides for itself even to use electricity at all.

That sounds crazy. But not many cars are like that in practice; most of them will only run on gasoline if their owners want them to, not if they don't notice either way and not if they're busy acting out some elaborate fantasy about what a sporty car should do. Never mind that this is what makes it an electric vehicle-- if it were like everyone else's cars, no one would ever call it one. In the end, the RZ450e is simply a good vehicle for the environment-oriented consumer who wants to take advantage of all that the EV space has to offer. If you have the money and you're looking to make a positive statement about environmentally responsible consumerism, this is a great choice that is backed up by decades of quality.

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Electric vehicles have never quite reached the popularity of their gas-powered counterparts, but that might change in the coming decade. As more research is done on electric vehicles, it's becoming increasingly clear that they will play a much more significant role in transportation moving forward. With that in mind, Lexus has developed its first entry into the electric vehicle market with this incredible RZ450e. We can't wait to see what other manufacturers do with the technology – from plug-in hybrids to full-on electric cars. Be sure to visit our dealership for more information on this Lexus.

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